From our President

December 9, 2018


Fellow CJCC Members,


As the year comes to an end and with the holiday season upon us, Lucille and I would like to wish all Members of CJCC and their families a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year.


Despite the rainy weather we were able to have another successful year.  Once again, we had another record number of members for 2018.  (89)


CJCC accomplished exceeding last year’s donations to Tomorrows Children’s Fund.  With the Houlihan’s Dine to Donate fund raiser and the Rich Shanahan’s Memorial Car Show TCF Fund raiser, CJCC Members raised $5,650.00 for TCF. Thank you to all the members who donated, along with Mike W. for coordinating the Houlihan’s event and John Gendelman for donating the Cooler Bags as a donation incentive for the TCF fund raiser.  TCF appreciates all CJCC does for them with the Pantry Food Drive and Toy Collection.


Again, despite the rainy weather we were able to enjoy some great events. Thanks to the Petrocks for organizing the Vettes for Vets Event on Memorial Day Weekend at the Lyons Hospital. A wonderful time to Honor our Veterans. The First Wednesday Night Cruises are always enjoyed by all who attend.  Thanks to those members who coordinated and led cruises. A great time to get together for a fun evening of seeing the sites of Central Jersey and enjoying Ice Cream or Dinner with members.


Other events during the year included America on Wheels, Cars and Croissants, The Vette Shop, Beach Bums Corvette, Clinton Car Show, Chatterbox Farewell Cruise, Corvettes at Carlisle, and Wheels and Wings Covered Bridge Tour just to name a few.  Again, thanks to all who coordinated events throughout the year.


Two great events for members to get together are the Al Tone Memorial CJCC Picnic and the CJCC Holiday Party.  It’s a good time for veteran members and newer members to get to know each other. Now that we have name tags, thanks to Kris K. we can put together a name with a face.  Thanks to Pam and Virginia for running this years Picnic and to Mike, Kathy, Ray, and Joann for the Holiday Party.


It’s been a pleasure serving as President of CJCC and I want to thank the Officers and all who supported me and helped out with events and projects making my job easier.  One person I would like to recognize is Bill Kelly.  As Web Master Bill never failed to amaze me on how quick he would post information on our web page after events ended.  Thanks to Bill our web page is kept up to date on a daily basis. He also kept me on my toes getting information out to members.  Thanks Bill.


Congratulations to Chris Virgo on becoming the President for 2019. Please show him your support.


Best Regards,


Rich Bonfanti