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The Central Jersey Corvette Club has found these other areas of interst to Corvette owners.  We hope you will agree.  The pictures contain the link to the site just click on it.


The Vette Shop

Route 611

Pipersville, PA



Link to CJCC Visit on April 28, 2018

Contemporary Corvette in Bristol, PA is essentially a Corvette graveyard. But they have TONS of parts are sale if anyone is in need of a part for their car. For example the attached pictures show a complete set of aftermarket chrome C6 style wheels, tires (NITTO’s non-run flats), TPM’s (for my 1999 C5) and chrome lug nuts that I got for my C5. For everything it was only $775. And as you can see from the pictures the wheels look brand new, the tires hardly have any wear on them, the TPMs are good (I hope) and the chrome lugs (not pictured) look new. This place gets a ton of “flood” cars from the southern states, or accident cars from various insurance companies. Click for additional photos.
Contemporary Corvette
2705 Old Rodgers Road
Bristol, PA 19007


This info was supplied by CJCC member Norm S. on November 15, 2016.

Thanks, Norm!