Intermittent C5 Vette steering wheell/column lock problems


Intermittent C5 Vette steering wheel/column lock problems



Since over 126,000 vettes have been recalled for this problem by GM, Please Call "Compliance Parts, LLC" has a part which permanently disables the lock from the BCM (Body Control Module) bypassing the whole lock system. BTW, the recalls didn't necessarily resolve the problem on a consistent basis. A lot more to the details but I think this will suffice. If anyone wants more info, please  Compliance Parts telephone # below and Richard will gladly provide you with any info you need about this problem. He's very informed/knowledgeable about  vettes.



Compliance Parts, LLC

22631-Pacific Coast Hwy.

Malibu, CA 90265-0000

1-855-565-8388 (don't  forget it's CA time so 3 hrs. earlier than EST)

Web address:


Owner: Richard (extremely helpful and informed about vettes)



LMC5 bypass unit for C5 models (installation is easy and designed to work in ALL 97-04 Corvettes) One year limited warranty LMC3 unlocker (in case I couldn't get it unlocked). He told me to put the key in the ignition and remove  about 15 to 20X  and it would unlock itself. Eureka it worked so I could get the car over to the mechanic which was the same one I've used before (T&T Auto, Kevin,908-450-7609 in Manville, NJ)

P.S. I didn't need to use the unlocker so if anyone needs it I'd be happy to supply.


Other tools needed for installation:

5/16th wrench

1/4"    wrench



$38 plus shipping and handling for bypass unit

$6   plus shipping and handling for unlocker

$76 for installation (tax included) by T&T Auto


Submitted by club member: by Joy D.

LMC5 Unlocker