Jay Siegel


Model Year 2001 NBM Coupe


Description of Mod: Installed IPhone Interface.


This is an excellent mod for the owner of a C5, with a factory CD changer mounted in the rear hatch, who also owns an iPhone 4, or 4S and wants to be able to play high quality digital music from the iPhone through the factory sound system. The interface adapts the CD changer controls in the radio head unit to control the iPhone! It has the added benefit of sending voice navigation commands through the car audio system and also powers the iPhone.  Note however, it does not support hands free telephone conversations through the car’s audio system.


The hardware, consisting of an interface box, interface cable, and iPhone cable was purchased from Double D Mods, for $89.95 plus shipping. Installation took less than an hour. It required unplugging, or removing, the factory CD changer and substituting the supplied iPhone interface box and wiring harness. The final step is running a cable from the interface box under the carpeting to a convenient location in the passenger compartment, where it can be plugged into the iPhone’s 30 pin connector.


Finally if you need a way to mount your iPhone, or almost any other device, in your C5, or almost any other vehicle, check out ProClip-USA.