April 21, 2017


Dear Fellow Members,


As discussed and presented during last night's meeting, here is the information from Rich B. regarding his recent experience with his C5 harmonic balancer failure/repair.  I have also included a few links on the subject from the Corvette Forum for your review.


"Here is the information on where I got my Corvette fixed for the members who asked about it last night. My son-in-law is the owner and contact person who quoted the price I gave you. His name is Steve. He also owns a C6 corvette. I will let him know that some members might be contacting him about the balancer repair. If anyone needs more info or assistance setting up an appointment the can contact me.












Additional Info from Joe K.


To All:


I was not able to attend the meeting to be a part of this discussion but I have replaced the balancer on my ’99.  It had a very severe wobble. I purchased an AC Delco replacement to keep my C5 in-line for NCRS judging. The unit was installed by Bridgewater Motorworks. I went to them because they race a 2001- Z06 so I thought the repair would be in good hands. I was correct. They did a great job installing my part @ roughly $740 for labor. The repair is involved in that the whole steering rack needs to be removed among other things to get access to pull the balancer. My ’06 also has a slight wobble but not to the replacement point yet. I will go for a better aftermarket unit for it. The ’99 Camaro Z28, LS1 balancer is perfect; go figure.