President Rich B. Presenting Club Pins

Photos by Mike W.

President Rich B. and 20 year pin recipients (and Club Charter Members) Rick A and Bob R.
President Rich B. and 15 year pin recipients Bill C, Dan C and Tom M.
President Rich B. and 10 year pin recipients Bruce C, Jim P, Mitch S and Mike B.
President Rich B. and 5 year pin recipients Rich B, Bill K, Joy D and Mike W.


Club Pins presented at the meeting by President Rich B. to members who have completed milestone anniversaries of membership. Milestones are:

  5 years

10 years

15 years

20 years

Founding Member Rick A. describing the beginnings of the Central Jersey Corvette Club

Video by Bill K.

Original CJCC business card c.1997 - Provided by Charter Members Rick and Rae A. and mentioned in Rick's video.