'Vettes for Vets at Lyons VA Hospital

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Event Leaders - Jim and Brittany P. and Ernie M.

Cruise Leader -  Ernie M.

Photos by Bill K., Rich B., Jim and Sally P., Angie L.

Our 'Vettes for Vets at the Lyons VA Hospital was a great success. We had a beautiful day and some 22 Corvettes participated. We met at the Dewy Meadow Shopping Center where Brittany P. and Grandma gave our members a supply of red "Thank you for your service" signs for us to sign and give to the Veterans. Then Ernie M. led a short cruise to the Hospital where we staged our Corvettes in the parking lot displaying our Club and our American Flags. Coffee and pastries were provided and we had an opportunity to visit with a the Veterans from the Korean Conflict to Viet Nam and talk about their military service and our Corvettes.  At the conclusion, we grouped in to single file and drove around the Hospital circle twice so that the Vets who couldn't come outside that day could see us from their windows.


A great day for our Club and, we hope, for the Veterans. 


Thanks to Jim and Brittany P. and Ernie M. and also the Hospital staff for orchestrating this event. Also, thanks to the local 7-11 Store on Martinsville Road in Basking Ridge for supplying the coffee and pastries.


Most of all, thanks to our veterans who made this country a place where we could own and enjoy our Corvettes and be able to have an event like this.