Updated October 17, 2018


Members use hand held two-way radios for our cruises and events. These are essential to ensure that the cruise members can communicate with the cruise leader and each other especially in case of any problem or getting lost or delayed.


This paragraph wil be updated to show our procedure for selecting the frequency we will use in future events.


It is well to purchase an ear bud with the radios especially if you plan to cruise with your top down or off. Don't forget to make sure the radios are fully charged prior to the event. Also, be sure that any voice activation (VOX) feature on your units is disabled so that you must "push-to'talk".


Members use Cobra, Midland or other brands of radios. They can be obtained at such retailers as Best Buy or other retailers or on line.


Below is input from Mike W. (8/22/15).

Many of our members have asked me for my recommendation for purchasing 2-way radios. I have the Midland LXT600 which works very well.  It has good sound and voice transmission.
I also purchased the optional headset which I found to be very convenient.  It is especially useful when driving a convertible.  You can hear all voice transmission even with all the wind buffeting.