Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated April 10, 2018

1. How do I become a member of the CJCC?


Complete the "New Member Registration Form" on line and submit it to the Club via this WEB site or print out a copy and mail to the Club PO Box. Filling out and sending the Form does not obligate you in any way.

Upon receipt, the Club's Membership Ambassador will contact you. The Ambassador will describe the Club, its activities and rules and answer your questions about CJCC. Prospective members must attend a monthly Club meeting or event prior to membership. New members will be required to pay their annual dues to our Treasurer. Upon becoming a member, you will have access to the Member Login page containing our Club Roster, By-laws and other pertinent information.


2. Where are CJCC meetings held?


Monthly CJCC meetings are normally held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (except December when there is no meeting). They begin at 7:15 pm and normally last about 2 hours. We discuss events and activities, Club business and Corvette items of interest. Beginning with our July, 2016 meeting, we will be meeting at the American Legion at 232 Union Avenue Somerville, NJ. See the link to Mapquest for directions.


3. Do I have to own a Corvette to join the Club?


Corvette ownership is not a requirement for CJCC membership. However past, current, or future Corvette ownership is highly recommended.


4. My Corvette is currently a "work in progress". Can I participate in CJCC events using my daily driver?


Yes, in fact owners of vintage Corvettes may at times choose to use their daily drivers. This is especially true if the event involves long distances, and or, very hot, or wet conditions. Members using their daily drivers for club cruises are requested to keep to the back of the caravan. For additional information please review our "Cruise Checklist" for cruise leaders and participants.


5. How many members does the CJCC have?


The Club has 77 members as of our April 10, 2018 Club Roster. A member includes the car owner and his or her family. We encourage members to be involved in events, becoming an officer and generally contributing to the fellowhsip of the Club and the enjoyment of the Corvette hobby. We publish a Club Roster from time to time during the year to reflect current membership. This Roster is for member use only.


6. What are the principal activities of CJCC?


CJCC is a group of Corvette owners and enthusiasts who enjoy participating in Corvette "Activities". These include cruises through scenic byways, outings to local car shows, car museums, racing events and tech sessions and our monthly meetings. The club conducts an annual car show / fund raiser, an annual picnic, and an annual holiday party. Memorable past events include participation in the National Corvette Museum's 20th Anniversary Caravan to Bowling Green and Nashville in 2014 and a 2016 Club trip to the NCM and Nashville. See also "Club Photo Albums".


7. Where can I purchase items with the Club logo?


Club apparel is available from EmbroidMe in Somerville and Fancy Threads in Hopewell. Hats, shirts and jackets, etc. can be ordered with custom embroidery of your name and the Club logo. See the "Club Apparel" tab for further information. In addition they will embroider items supplied by you. Additionally, we have Club logo windshield clings available and Club flags can be purchased from the Club for a nominal sum.


8. I'm having a problem with my Corvette. Can CJCC members help me diagnose and repair it?


Club members are helpful with problem diagnosis and are usually able to recommend suppliers of parts and services. Each monthly meeting includes a "Tech Tips" section. This is the perfect forum to discuss issues you are having with your ride.


9. I'm an avid racer. Is CJCC the club for me?


Many CJCC members have run their Vettes down the drag strip or on the track and/or have attended performance driving schools. However, racing is not the main focus of CJCC.


10. I have a show car that I trailer to events. Is CJCC the club for me?


CJCC participates on occasion in show and shine events and fund raising events. You can get an idea of these by viewing our "Activities" page. We also attend several shows each year as spectators. However, we are more interested in driving our cars than showing them.


11. Must I participate in or lead a specific minimum number of events or meetings in order to maintain my membership?


No. Although we encourage all members to be actively involved in participating in and leading our events and meetings and even becoming officers, there is no minimum requirement.