David Floyd's 1998 C5 Supercharged Corvette


I purchased the car new in January of 1998 and have driven it twice across the country, the last time in 2010, following old Route 66 as much as possible.  A conservative driver, I never went over 150 mph - what a ride! 


The car has C5 P-ISC-1 Procharger yielding 7.5 psi boost, LS6 intake manifold, 60lb injectors, Racetronix fuel system with adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Magnaflow exhaust, and Kooks LT headers with HF cats to produce 506 HP to the rear wheels.  The drive train was recently replaced to include a RXT dual-disc clutch and RTX flywheel, LEV5-RPM transmission and Quaife Level-4 differential in preparation for a more serious engine work/swap.  The car came with those beautiful but delicate magnesium wheels (17s front, 18s rear), which I still have.  I now run SR1 Bullet wheels (18X8.5 front, 19X10 rear) with Michelin run-flat 245/40s in the front and 285X35s in the rear - great tires.  I suppose because the C5 was such an improvement over the 94 C4 I owned previously, I have always loved this car and made the decision to build it up rather than go for a newer model.  Either way, you never get the $$ back you put into a car, new or old - only the fun.