Bob Fiorelli's 2003 Anniversary Red Convertible

I bought the 2003 50th Anniversary Commemorative Convertible in April ’14, with 29,700 miles on it. I am third owner and it is the exact car that I wanted.  The last owner pampered and showed it in Florida for 11 years.

I had the car shipped to NJ in late May in classic car trailer. It will go back down to FL in November by trailer, for the winter. 

 Added options are:  

  • Borla stainless exhausts
  • Z06 air box
  • custom fuel rail covers
  • phantom tail lite and plate frames,
  • Hood  & trunk cover interior 50th Anniversary liners  
  • Optima Red-top Battery.
  • Just installed powder-coated caliper covers by MPG in matching Anniversary Red with bolts and silver lettering. They are great. Mechanic installed them easily in no time, cleaning discs, calipers, etc.,  at the same time.  

After purchase, I had all the fluids, i.e. brake, trans, diff, steering, coolant flushed and refilled.  Mobil 1 engine oil and filter had been changed in January.

 Additional Information:

Flying is my first passion in life from the time I was 18 years old —legal to drive to an airport.

I bought a new 1967 Jaguar XKE Roadster convertible after graduating college. Drove it, pampered it as a second car until 1987. Sold it to a collector with about 33,000 miles on it. Then bought a 1985 Jeep Renegade, as my sports car, from a female helicopter pilot.  Kept the Jeep until 2001 when I retired and moved to Bridgewater NJ.

 In December ’13, I sold my airplane.  Feeling sad,  I started to look for a Corvette  and began helicopter training.  

 I drove the Corvette to the airport.  My favorite Corvette and the blue rented helicopter make handsome pair.


Bob Fiorelli