Barney Rafferty's "BABY"

I have owned Baby for 38 years.  It has a 283 with a Rochester 650 4 bbl. I build the engine that is currently in her.  I have the original engine and that is rebuilt and sitting on a motor stand in the garage.  She has a four speed.  I just put a new interior in her. I had the seats redone in a custom design.  She has new shoes that are radial with the wide white wall.  She has a new hat- which is a custom color.  And lastly, She needs a new dress. I want to paint her with an 06 red that is just a shade deeper than the current color and the insert with a mother of pearl that is used on Buick and Caddys in 06 as well.

Barney & Cathy Rafferty.  Barney Playing the Pipes