STS Tour - Pictures below Mike's Commentary


Greetings Fellow CJCC Members,


Our March 19th meeting was a little different then our usual monthly meeting.  I arrived at STS Tire Headquarters about 20 minutes early only to find the parking lot in front of the building nearly full.  I thought that maybe STS Tire was holding a meeting with their employees and we were going to be delayed in starting our meeting.  As I walked into the room, I was surprised to see about 20 of our members already here.  It instantly struck me that our members were very interested in coming to the meeting to listen to our guest speaker and wanted to insure a good seat.  Members continued through the door one by one until the room was nearly full.  We had an outstanding turnout of 35 members and guests.


Tony Galuppo, Operations Manager for STS Tire was our guest speaker who prepared a full evening of discussions centered on tire performance and design.  After a brief introduction, he began with a quick video showing how tires are manufactured.  He continued with a general description of the operation of the STS Tire warehouse.  Tony hosted the club with a guided tour of the warehouse, which by the way, is the size of four football fields.  The facility which has the capacity to store 400,000 tires currently has an inventory level of 250,000 tires.  We then met up with Harry, one of his lead warehouse operators who briefed us on how tires are inventoried and shipped on a daily basis to each of their 150 stores. 


After a brief walk through the facility to get a feel for the enormous volume of the facility, we worked our way back to the meeting room where Tony fielded some additional questions about the facility.  He continued the meeting with a Power Point presentation describing the differences in tire design and their application based on different driving conditions.  His in-depth presentation once again spurred on dozens of questions from the members.  All-in-all, he kept us interested as he passed around cutaway samples of tire construction and had three sets of different design tires on display for us to touch, feel and look at.


At the conclusion of the meeting, Tony was met with a round of applause from the club.  He hung around to speak with members one-on-one who had some very specific questions that they were looking to get answers to.


I personally would like to thank Tony Galuppo for taking time out of his personal schedule to meet with our club.  I would also like to extend my appreciation to our members for such a great turnout.


I look forward to seeing everyone again in April.




Mike Woskey