The 14 participants are listed below. We left from Wal-Mart on route 22 and drove for about an hour to get to the Preserve.  Because of the cool weather, the tour at the Preserve was long, lasting 1.5 hours. We saw and learned about the four different wolf packs, heard them howl, and watched them interact within each pack. We also saw and learned about bobcats and foxes. All but Anita and Mitch went on to dinner at Buckwood Bistro, Delaware, NJ and then most of us stopped at DQ to shiver and eat ice cream.  If you need any other information, please let me know.


Sheila J Siderman

Lakota Wolf Preserve

Participants as of 4/6/13 - 14


Kathy & Danny 2

Joan & Bill 2

Kathy & Mike Woskey 2

Joann & Ed 2

Ivarlee & Tom 2

Anita & Mitch 2