Greetings Fellow CJCC Members:


On Monday, February 24, 2013, we had our first (impromptu) Club cruise for 2013.


Thanks to Al T. for putting together a much needed outing with our friends and our Corvettes which have been cooped up, gathering dust and hooked up to Battery Tenders.


We began with an enjoyable noon lunch at the Tiger's Tale in Hillsborough. Bill J. arrived with his brand new Shelby Cobra Mustang. It is black on black and an awesome car (even though it isn't a Corvette). At cruise time at about 1:45PM, we had nine cars, C-4, C-5, C-6 and one Mustang lined up on the Tigers Tale parking lot – a beautiful sight and a good turnout for a non-weekend impromptu.


After a photo op, Al led us through some scenic country with Rick. A. as "tail gunner". Although the sky was a little overcast, it didn't dampen our spirit. The roads were  generally OK although some had a little cold patch left over. No harm was done other than a little noise as a few stones hit the insides of our fenders.

Traffic wasn't bad for a weekday afternoon either and we ended at a Hess Station and store on Rt. 202/31 in Flemington just before the school busses started their rounds.


Thanks, Al for getting us out of our winter doldrums and for engineering a very enjoyable day.


Bill Kelly