Flemington Car Show

Corvetes Featured

August 8, 2015

Link to Photos

A number of us attended Saturday night’s Flemington Car show where the featured car was Corvettes.

Here are the members I saw:
Rick A with his unrestored ‘67 coupe which got a lot of interest
Bob F
Gunter E
Dan P
Bill C with his ‘66 Chevy convertible
Tony R
Joe A
Bob R

It’s possible there may have been others there that I didn’t see.

The weather was great and we had a great time looking over the fabulous Corvettes and other cars there. Most of us participated in the awesome and deliciously noisy parade of Corvettes around town at the close of the show. The crowd loved it and we loved waving at them and showing off our Corvettes. The organizers estimated that there were some 75 Corvettes there.

It was a nice event and I was glad to see our guys there. It was also only a mile from my home so that made it nice also. A great weekend for Corvette activity.


Bill K.