Cruise to Beach Bums Corvette Show

at Beach Haven

Cruise Leader Bill K.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

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Seven of our members took this trip and we met 2 additional members there. The cruise to Beach Haven was excellent and the show was excellent also - a lot of great Corvettes and owners. John G. and Maria showed their '62 whigh looked fabulous with the interior recently redone and the chrome beautifully restored. John says "The car won a 3rd place trophy. Amazing when you think that I didn't prep or even clean the car before the show. I never expected a trophy, just a spot to park.". Congratulations, John and Maria. We all had a chance to chat with "Zippity"Duda also.

Afterwards, some of us went to Stephanie's home nearby for a wonderful cookout and visit. The weather, the cars and the fellowship were unparalled. Anne Marie and I stopped on the way home at TK's Ice Cream Stand on Route 539 in Cream Ridge which was a fitting Corvette Club finish to a great day!


But we forgot to take pictures we were having such a good time.


Bill K.

June 3, 2015


E-mail to CJCC Members


Following are the plans for our trip to Beach Haven for the Beach Bums Corvette Club’s Corvette Show for Sunday, June 7. At last check the weather should be OK. Don’t forget your radios. My Cell Phone # is (908) 752-1959. Info is below.


At this time we have some 8 members who have expressed interest. Since this is not an unusually large group and the weather is forecasted to be OK, we encourage anyone who hasn’t decided as yet to join us.


In addition, Robert and Stephanie have extended an invitation to club members and their guests who come to the show to Stephanie’s home nearby for a cook out which will be at about 2:00PM. They would like to know how many of us will take them up on their generous offer.


Robert & Stephanie need headcount so please respond to Robert by Thursday June 4th if you plan to go to Stephanie’s for the cookout.

Even if you do not join the cruise and go to the show independently, you are invited. Directions from the show to Stephanie's are below.


Responses should be e-mailed to Robert at:


We’ll have two initial meeting locations:

1. Boardwalk Ice Cream at 304 S. Main St. in Manville. Al Tone has volunteered to lead this group to the main meeting location at the Walmart at 839 Hwy 130 East Windsor, NJ.

Tail Lights at Boardwalk 8:30AM.

Thanks, Al.

2. Billy’s (formerly Stewart’s) on route 202 /31 in Flemington. I will lead this group to the Walmart.

Tail Lights at Billy's 9:00AM.


Or you can go directly to the Main Meeting Location and meet the groups there.


MAIN MEETING LOCATION Walmart at 839 Hwy 130, East Windsor, NJ


FYI – There are a couple of nearby diners on Hwy 130, both in the Northbound lanes. One is the Americana Diner and the other is the Town Diner. They are shown on the map below.


We will leave the Walmart at about 10:15AM or whenever both groups arrive and everyone is ready to go. Walmart will be open so rest rooms are available there. The trip to Beach Haven is about 58 miles and about an hour and a half or so.  Robert S. will join us on Route 72 but we won't have to stop - Robert will meld himself in. Parking at the show is on our own on the streets near the show location. Also, some of our members may meet us there.


Thanks and I am looking forward to a very enjoyable day.


Bill Kelly


Note: If there is a rain postponement, the show will be held on June 14 however I will unable to lead a cruise due to other commitments.


Screen Shot of Walmart and nearby diners and initial route to Beach Haven
Cruise 2015 Beach Bums Walmart 130 Scree[...]
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Cruise Route from Billy's in Flemington to Walmart at East Windsor
Cruise 2015 Billys to Walmart.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [72.9 KB]
Cruise Route from Walmart at East Windsor to Corvette Show at Beach Haven
Cruise Route - 2015 Walmart to Beach Hav[...]
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Directions from Corvette Show to Stephanie's
Beach Haven to Stephanie's.pdf
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