Ice Cream Cruise

June 4, 2014

Leader Mitch S.

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For our planned 1st Wednesday of the month "Ice Cream Cruise" for June
4th, we will be leaving from Bill's Famous Root Beer (formerly Stewart's
Root Beer) on Rt 202/31 South, 1.9 miles South of the Flemington Circle.


Taillights are at 6:45 pm.


The cruise will take about an hour and a quarter, including a quick photo
stop. Total distance is just over 31 miles so it will be a scenic tour rather
than a spirited outing. We will see stone fences, houses from the mid-
1700's and go through the last working grist and sawmill in the area.
We will end up at Cravings in Stockton on Rt 29. Parking may be tight - 12
paved spots and 8-10 more on gravel.


As far as dining prior to the cruise, I cannot speak for Bill’s fare but can
recommend the Metro Diner a couple miles south on Rt 202 at the Everitts
Rd intersection.


25 Burgers or 5 Guys are also options, both just off the Flemington Circle.
Detailed printed directions will be available. Radios are recommended.
Hope to see you there- pretty ride


Mitch S.

Mitch S's June 4, 2014 Cruise Route
Adobe Acrobat document [14.9 KB]