Time and Distance Rally

June 14, 2014

Leader Gunter E.

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Greetings Fellow CJCC Members,


On Saturday, June 14, Gunter E. organized and led the Time/Distance Rally event.  With the passing of Friday night’s storm, it left us with a wonderful day to spend in our Corvettes.


The event began with members arriving at the STS Headquarters at 9:30 AM.  The parking lot provided a good and large staging area for the rally.  Gunter registered each car as they entered and provided them with a number to display on the inside of the right front windshield.  In total, we had 13 of our members participate in the rally.  At 10:00, Gunter called a drivers meeting to go over the rules and provide the navigators with the directions to the first check point.  At 10:15, the check point marshals departed and Gunter left for the final stop, “Long Valley Pub & Brewery”.  I was the first official car to depart to the first check point at 10:30.  Our V.P., Dan C. was the last and acted as the official starter for each car which departed in 2 minute intervals.


Upon reading the directions to the first check point, my navigator Ray M. and I had a pretty good idea where we needed to go………….wrong!  I blew right by the first check point and didn’t realize it until we were about 1-1/2 miles past it.  By the time I turned around and got to the check point, Rich B., the number 2 car, had already been through it and as I was leaving, Dennis C., the number 3 car was already entering it.  Boy I was in trouble!


We then continued on to check point 2 and subsequently check point 3.  At the final destination, Long Valley Pub & Brewery, I was able to regain my number 1 position because Rich B somehow missed check point number 3.  That put me and Ray back in the running.  I joined Gunter as we greeted each car entering the lot where their official time was recorded.  It was interesting how some of the cars were entering totally out of order.  Now I didn’t feel so bad knowing that I was not the only one to loose position.


The restaurant had the parking lot sectioned off specifically for our club and also had the outdoor patio set up with 8 tables or so for lunch.  There was a lot of great conversation, a lot of laughs and a lot of discussion about the rally and the scenic route that we drove.


After Gunter crunched all the official times of the 13 Corvettes, he was ready to announce the winners of the rally.  Trophies for both driver and navigator were purchased from the entrance fee for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  Dan & Kathy C. took 1st place honors.  Yours truly along with my navigator Ray M. took 2nd place and one of our newest members, Ray H. and his wife Kathy took 3rd place.  The blue ribbon for “Best of Show” went to Jim P. for his 74 yellow coupe.
Thanks to Gunter for putting together and leading a terrific day in the country and a fun-filled event.  I would also like to give special thanks to our 3 check point marshals who volunteered their time.  Gunter’s son, Eric manned check point 2, while his friends Matt W. and Rob T. manned check points 1 & 3.  All-in-all, everyone had a great time and we are hoping to do this again next year.


Mike Woskey