CJCC Picnic

September 2013

Link to Photos

Dear Fellow CJCC Members:


We couldn’t have had a better day for our Annual Club Picnic on Sunday. The sun was out, the temperature was warm and the humidity was low.


19 Member Corvettes met on time at Walmart on Route 22 and we set up two groups, one led by me and the second by Joel. After our drivers meeting, we left a few minutes after noon and cruised for a little more than an hour through the country roads of Oldwick, Gladstone, Mendham, Bernardsville then on the I-287 to 202 and Old York Road to the park, arriving at about 1:20PM. We had surprisingly little trouble keeping our groups together at traffic lights, etc, making being a cruise leader quite easy.


Rick A. had his red ’62 and John P. had his silver ‘Vette already there in front of the photo shoot area. Rochelle S. guided us to Joann K.’s area where she took individual pictures as each car arrived. Then some of us guided them to make up the “V” shape on the lawn for overhead photos using our banner. I’m sure Robert will have them on our web site soon.


Robert and Bruce had things well underway with the tables set and the caterer cooking and everyone got down to a fine meal of picnic fare including burgers cooked to order. Robert provided music and they also provided drinks and entertainment.  We were pleased to have Chris (of STS) and Kathy Pilla and their little son, Sean be there.  We had a total of 48 people in attendance and all moved around easily and chatted all afternoon.


Many thanks to all who made this major club event so enjoyable – Sheila S. for recommending the caterer, Robert and Bruce for making the catering arrangements and arranging the pavilion, Joann and Ed K. and Rochelle S. for the picture shoot, Joel for mapping our the route and the two volunteer tail gunners, Stephanie B. for some of the prizes, Joan C. for the coffee and Tom M. for handling the funds. Mostly, thanks to all of the members who participated in any way in the cruise and/or the picnic – without you there wouldn’t have been such a terrific event.


I hope everyone had as nice a time as we did.


Bill Kelly