Somerville CJCC Corvette Show for Tomorrows Children's Fund

August 2, 2013

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Greetings Fellow CJCC Members:


What an evening!! If you weren’t there you really missed it!


I think the CJCC must have set a record for participation at our annual Somerville “Show within a Show” Tomorrows Children’s Fund event at Somerville. The weather was perfect and we had by my count 29 members and one or two prospective members bring their Corvettes. We filled every parking spot and then some. The town even printed our club name on the parking meter signs and I saved the sign from my spot.


Anne Marie and I arrived at around 4:30 and many were already there and the remaining spots filled up quickly. I placed my window sticker, build sheet etc. on my dashboard, grabbed a handful of Club pamphlets, business cards and my camera and I was ready to enjoy the evening. We installed our club banner and set up our chairs under the big trees. Shortly after that Sue Garbe from TCF arrived and she up her table with the TCF banner and pamphlets, tee shirts, etc.  We also had a visit from the president of the Corvette Express Club with his beautiful ’56 Blue Corvette.


The town was really busy (fire trucks and all) and we had a tremendous number of folks stopping by to look at our cars, talk to us about Corvettes and our club, a few possible new members and some folks who wanted to contribute to the TCF.


Many of us had a nice dinner at one of the venues in town. Of note, Tony R. stopped in to the restaurant across the street and the owner donated a check to the TCF and told Tony that we were eligible for discounts on drinks, etc.


Thanks to all who made this event such a success – all of the members who took the time to come and who interacted with the many folks who wanted to know about the Club and our cars, Joel K. for obtaining the permit and ensuring the arrangements were in place, Dan C for coordinating with the TCF and Sue Garbe, Jay for taking a ton of pictures and all others who took pictures. I imagine Robert will be inundated with them. I’ll be looking forward to seeing them on our web site and I hope you will check them out as they appear


Bill Kelly