Dan C's Stewart's Cruise

May 1, 2013

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Our First "Stewart's Cruise" for 2013


May 1, 2013


Thank you to Dan Carbone for planning and leading our first "Stewarts Cruise" for 2013. We met at 25 Burgers Restaurant at the intersection of Routes 202 and 31 in Flemington and some of the participants had dinner there. We had a great group of 13 beautiful Corvettes including C-2, C-4, C-5 and C-6's in blues, reds, silver, blacks and grey, participating on a beautiful Spring evening. Dan and Kathy were driving their black C-5 coupe. Included in the group were two guests, Rich with his newly acquired pristine 2001 Magnetic Red Convertible with Oak top and interior and Arnie Faella's friend, Kevin.


After Dan convened the drivers meeting and distributed route directions in the parking lot and a photo op by Joann Kelly, we got underway with Bill Clarkson as "Tail Gunner" at about 6:45PM. Dan described the cruise as "driving 35 miles to go 1/1/2 miles". Even with such a long line of cars, radio communication between Bill and Dan worked well.


We successfully negotiated a few traffic lights and stop signs and had a scenic drive through the countryside with a combination of winding and straight roads with a couple of one-lane bridges and very little traffic although there were a few instances of "civilians" temporarily getting into the line. It was nice that many of these roads appeared to be freshly paved – just for us, no doubt. We passed a number of bicyclists and we saw some folks by the side of the road. Many waved at us as we drove by and we waved back. It's not that often that they see and hear such a long line of incredible
Corvettes at one time.


As we re-entered Flemington, we had to negotiate one of the Flemington traffic circles and the drivers who were already in the circle and had the right of way stopped and allowed our entire line of cars to go through – a nice gesture. The cruise ended at Thee Ice Cream Parlor on South Main Street in Flemington where we recapped the drive and enjoyed our ice cream and fellowship.


Thanks again, Dan, for a great evening.


Bill Kelly