Buckingham Concours Cruise

September 19, 2012

Leader Joel Klein

Link to Photos

The Buckingham Concours for September 16.  Joel will lead with meeting at Flemington Stewart's on Route 202-31 at 11:15, Taillights at 11:30.

Buckingham Concours Cruise Sunday Sept. 16th -

Two or more cars constitute a cruise, and that's what we had for this event. The weather couldn't have been better...sunny with a slight breeze and cool enough to walk around comfortably. Following a backroad cruise taking us across the Delaware at Stockton, we arrived safe and sound at Holicong Park, Pa. Almost every type of "collector" car known was represented (sports exotic muscle classic hotrod cars, etc. and of course there was a section for Corvettes) plus, the cars there were of extremely high quality. What a great show. Photos of a few cars at the event are included for your enjoyment.