CORRECTION:  We will be leaving from WalMart 3576 US Highway 22 Branchburg (not Bridgewater).


Sorry about that....


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CJCC Members,


On the second Friday of every month there is a Corvette cruise-in at the Chatterbox Drive-In located in Agusta, NJ.  This has been on our club calendar, however, we have not yet embarked on a cruise to this venue.  The Chatterbox hosts several car shows and cruise-in's during the month and is a real throw back to the good old days.  This is a quote from their web site:


Every Second Friday of the Month, Vettes from all areas and all years come together to eat great food and to celebrate their heritage and lineage together as DJ Doc South spins the records. 


Sorry for the short notice, but there will be a cruise to the Chatterbox this Friday 9/14 leaving from the WalMart  3576 US Highway 22W, Bridgewater at 3:15 tail lights at 3:30.  We have to leave early to avoid the Friday night traffic.


Hope you can make the cruise, I'm sure it will be fun and the weather report doesn't get any better....


Al Tone