Tomorrow's Children Benefit August 3rd

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Info on  Tomorrow's Children

Donations for Tomorrows Children

Danny Carbone Reports:


As reported by Danny Carbone at the regular CJCC meeting, we collected over $1,500.00 for Tomorrow's Children. Thank you all for helping this charity at the Hackensack University Medical Center.

Somerville Benefit August 3rd, 2012

Bill Kelly & Joel Klein Report:


Our "car show within a car show" event on Friday evening August 3, 2012 at the Somerville Courthouse was a great success. I think everyone enjoyed it. It was great to see so many family members there. Although the weather was a little steamy, an overcast sky kept us out of the direct sun.  There were some 20 members cars all of which looked spectacular all lined up along the street with our club flags flying. Many folks stopped to look, ask questions, inquire about the club, donate to the Tomorrows Children's Fund, buy raffle tickets to benefit the NCM or just to talk about Corvettes. There were a couple of non-member Corvettes also parked with us and they all wanted to know about the club and may join. Dan C. collected the donations to the Tomorrows Children's Fund. He'll communicate the total ASAP and he and Bill C. will deliver the donations in person the Hackensack Hospital. Bruce and Joan C. sold out of their NCM Corvette raffle tickets.  Mitch S. brought our club banner and Dan had a special sign for the Tomorrows Children's Fund on display. Bruce and Joan had a special sign for the NCM raffle in front of their Victory Red Z-06. I'm sure all of these helped generate interest. The "Wishing Well" was on hand and a number of folks dropped cash donations in. I gave out over 20 club brochures and business cards. Steve J., Jim P. and Dan C. made up special  signs for the parking meters to alert potential parkers of our event. Many of us strolled down the street and had an enjoyable dinner at one of the local restaurants. Jay S. and Eric Schwartz and others took many pictures which should be on our site soon. Rick A. even called our founder, Mike Walsh in NC and we had a pleasant chat with him.


Thanks to all who participated and I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did.