Beach Bums LBI Corvette Show 

June 3, 2012

Leader Bruce C.

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We had a good weather day for this show.  Bill sent the following to the club.


From: "William R. Kelly" <>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 17:00:16 -0400
To: <>
Cc: Bill Kelly <>
Conversation: Your Sunday Show
Subject: Your Sunday Show


Dear Fellow Corvette Enthusiasts:

Just a quick note to congratulate you on the wonderful car show you hosted on Sunday, June 3 at Beach Haven.

I and 5 of our Central Jersey Corvette Club members cruised down in our ‘vettes from Somerset and Hunterdon counties for the show. We all had a great time and the selection and quality of the cars was great. We traversed every row and even met a former member of our club who was showing his car and a couple of other enthusiasts we had met before at other shows. We  had an enjoyable lunch at the Gazebo and could see the fantastic panorama of Corvettes from the balcony.

You were extremely fortunate with the weather. After we left for home, we experienced rain about an hour out of Beach Haven. We hope it didn’t affect you too much.

Again we had a great time and congratulations on a great show.


Bill Kelly
Central Jersey Corvette Club

Here is the response from the Beach Bums:


Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2012 15:14:09 -0600
To: "William R. Kelly" <>
Subject: Re: Your Sunday Show

Thanks for your e-mail. We are always happy to hear from participants and happy that you enjoyed. Even though all the Beach Bums worked thier butts off, we really enjoy doing the show.

We did manage to complete the show and pack up before the rain came.

Ken Egerer